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Wed Nov 12, 2014 10:16 pm#1

Mugetsu Haneko Phantom

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Life has limits. Lots of limits, depend on one's own standard. Limit, it's like...a wall, a big, thick wall that always stands in your way, either near or far. That Wall measures your ability, your work, and even the way you live. It stands right there, right in front of your eyes, but seeing it or not depends on you. 
The biggest goal may be breaking that limit. That's when you step on a new level, a new stage of your ability, a new page of the book of your life. The process might be hard, strict, stressful and even painful and cost you almost the important things of your life: time, money, hard work and even some of the precious relationships. (and that's when you know you have to stop your ambition, or else you will be regretful) The point is, there's nothing limitless. Whether breaking the limit or not, like I said, depends on yourselves. But you must remember there's nothing called "no limit". The limits always sit in front of you, and there're plenty of them. When you've broken the first limit, the second one will come, followed by the third, fourth, fifth, etc. one. The more limits you break, the better yourselves will be. Limits give you purposes, aims, attemps, and even ambitions. Sometimes limits prevent you from doing things you like, but it's OK, because that's when you realise your shortcomings, your gaps of ability, and that situation will help you exert all your strength, and take a deep look at your very own inside.
However, like I said, it's determined by everybody whether they see their own limits or not. The most stupid and poorest person is the one that doesn't even know his/her own limit. Nobody's perfect. Maybe you're good at something, but there're still tons of things that you're awfully bad at. That kind of person usually is the one living in the world of compliments: when he/she be more fluent, and better at something, other people will give him/her tons of compliments (it's natural, though). Days by days, he/she will gain big confidence inside himself/herself, and will think that he/she is the best, the perfect. He/She will underestimate other people, just see the work of his/hers is the best, and throw away comments that piss them off. (okay, the 'comments' here is the right comment that made from experienced person, not the ones that from the know-nothing-but-full-of-pride person). He/She will consider that his/her work is the most suitable standard and won't listen to the others. He/She just lives in his/her own world, and shuts the outside out. Those people are just too proud of themselves, praise their own success as the biggest, the greatest, and look down their noses at other people's ones. Because it is said when you look at yourselves in the mirror, you will think you're five times prettier than the others.

In conclusion, limits are necessary, because they keep you in the fitted pace, neither so fast nor so slow. And realising one's limits is always better than breaking it, and when you realise your limits, you have to accept it, whether it hurts you or not. Don't try to argue when people who have more experiences than you pull out your mistake. Low your head down, don't think "I'm the best" or something, and try to listen more strict comments in stead of compliments.
Remember: nothing, and nobody, is limitless.

FIRST STEP: Realise your limits.
SECOND STEP: Accept them.
LAST STEP: Break them. And get ready for another to come.

Chữ ký của Mugetsu Haneko Phantom

>>English Entry<< Limits

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