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Kantono Fuminsho
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[Manhwa] Siesta Empty [Manhwa] Siesta

on Fri Jan 13, 2012 10:54 pm
[Manhwa] Siesta I85808

Synopsis:The world of Siesta is set in Fantasy
Europe where there are people called bullet users
who were discriminated against badly for reasons
unknown to readers as of volume 1.
The discrimination has gotten much weaker due
to the Grande Corp's efforts to wipe out the decade's
old pirate faction with the help of Bulletron, a battle
suit designed exclusively for bullet users.
The story begins as the protagonist Dia Canto tells
you a little about herself:how she became an orphan,
how she met her foster family, and how she is very
much in love with her step brother, Loe. However,
her affection toward Loe is brutally crushed before
it would even bear fruit and she goes outside to vent
her sadness. This is when she encounters, Cid Leon,
who she would ultimately be paid to "protect".
Author:Lee Young-You
Status in Country of Origin:2 Volumes?(ongoing)

Download: mediafire.com ?6v24qq6je6pg6xp
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[Manhwa] Siesta SY2
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